A Student’s Life at Western Campus


Kampala International University’s rank as the leading private University in Uganda comes as no surprise as it’s backed by the institution’s infrastructure and facilities. The Western Campus has one of the best ranked medical laboratories and libraries in Africa.
KIU is also the only private University with a Teaching Hospital that provides health services to the community in Ishaka, Bushenyi and the surrounding areas. Services include a 24-hour accident and emergency unit, a pharmacy and laboratory.
Other departments within the Teaching Hospital include, General surgery, Orthopedics, ENT and an Eye Clinic within the Department of Surgery as well as Laboratory services, Ultrasound and Doppler scan, X-rays, ECG, CT scan, Echocardiography and Endoscopies provided within the Department of Diagnostics.
In addition to providing services to the external community stakeholders, every student at the KIU Western Campus has a health insurance card for accessing health services in the University Hospital.
The Campus has played a role in helping and building the Ishaka community as the latter now boasts of social infrastructures that promote local and international cultures such as Linus Fast Food, Crane Resort Hotel, Campus View Restaurant, Spicy Restaurant, Hotel Park House, Home Land Hotel and Campus Restaurant.
Furthermore, with profound gratitude I wish to bring to light the services that Crane Resort Hotel, African Village Motel and Green Land Hotel have always rendered to the KIU Western Campus students, hosting our social events like, Mr. and Miss KIU, Fresher’s Ball, and other functions.
The University also has affordable and hospitable hostels in good condition within the Campus while others are located just a few meters outside the Campus grounds.
Regarding spirituality, students have the freedom to express their religious beliefs backed by the infrastructure that accommodates the worshippers with prayers usually held outside of class hours. There is a mosque for the Muslims while Christians go to St. Luke’s Chapel, the Seventh Day Adventist Chapel and the St. Camelas Church among others, all located within the Campus.
It is usually hard to comprehend how thousands of local and international students along with the staff devote time to live, study and work in rural Ishaka-Bushenyi, in Western Uganda. However, new arrivals eventually adapt to the environment and aura and settle in within a short period.
For most unfamiliar with Ishaka-Bushenyi, the names of some locations can be confusing mainly because they are associated with foreign cities like Abuja, Lagos, when it is evident that the Campus’s true location is in Uganda. The reason for these names is due to the large number of Nigerians and other international students which led to such places being nicknamed after these cities. This makes our fellow brothers and sisters feel at home in the Ishaka community.
The world is more connected today and is a shorter step to becoming one common village which goes to show how integrated the KIU Western Campus is. We pride ourselves in diversity and multi-culturalism.
Life as a student can be challenging, but at KIU Western campus, conditions are conducive for students to find purpose and focus, ensured by the good teaching and learning environment to help students achieve and explore new and greater heights.
On behalf of the Guild Union, we are proud of the character displayed by the KIU Western Campus students, and we would like to wish you all the best in the year 2017.

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