KIU’s Protégés: The Meteoric Rise of Joan Owade


By Kezia Koburungi

Mrs. Joan Owade Adongo

The KIU Giraffe Times caught up with the Head of Department for Journalism and Media Studies, Mrs. Joan Owade Adongo for an alumni profile. Owade was happy to share with us how her journey at Kampala International University unfolded. 

Her journey started in 2003, where she joined KIU as an international student. At that time, all international students were mandated to do a six months program called “Access 3.” The purpose of this program was to prepare the students for the Ugandan Education System. 

To no one’s surprise, considering that Owade is one of East Africa’s brightest minds, she emerged as the best student and enrolled for the Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication that same year.

Her academic career would continue trending upwards after that, motivated by a dream she’d held since childhood. 

“I have always wanted to be a teacher, so I worked very hard. I wanted to excel and be one of the leading teachers in my country, Kenya,” she said.

However, the powers that be at KIU know how to reward exceptional talent. So Owade was rewarded for her brilliance after graduation. 

“I was the best student. After graduation in 2006, KIU awarded me a fully paid scholarship for a Master’s Degree,” she offered. 

Owade would emerge as the best student in 2009. Once again, KIU recognized her abilities and invited her to a job interview. Out of three excellent candidates, Owade once again emerged the best. Even with the new job as a Teaching Assistant, she was not finished, because, to achieve her dream of being the best teacher, she had to go the extra mile. 

Next, Owade took on the challenge of a Ph.D., aided by a scholarship from none other than KIU. In 2015, she finished her more significant accomplishment. In that same year, she was made, the Head of Department in Journalism and Media studies.

In her remarks she says, “Kampala International University has natured me from a young girl to where I am today.”

The meteoric rise of Mrs. Owade continues as she trains the next generation of brilliant journalists. And there is no higher achievement for her, than the hundreds that continue to match out of KIU and excel because she believed she could help them from the time she was just a girl. 

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