Prof. Bantu Encourages the Public to Support the Law Enforcement Team in Fight Against Coronavirus


Mental wellness plays a critical role in the overall well-being of officers, thereby affecting productivity and performance.
As the law enforcement team plays the role of implementing the presidential directives, the Professor of Counseling Psychology at Kampala International University, Edward Bantu, shared that the police officers are at the front line of fighting the pandemic and should be supported.
Because of this, Prof. Bantu had a few guidelines for the public to play their part, as far as fighting the COVID-19 pandemic together with the law enforcement team is concerned;

  • Obey to wash hands with soap/sanitizers.
  • maintain the rule of social distancing everywhere you go. (Supermarkets, banks, health centres, walkways, markets, etc) 
  • Wash hands with clean water and soap regularly while you go out, and also in the house as it is essential behavioural practice.
  • Young and energetic youth should practice to be personally responsible to fight and defeat the virus by teaching and mentoring others so as to avoid contradictions of information from various sources except from prescribed sources as directed by the president, Ministry of Health, and World Health Organization.
  • Respect, unconditionally with positive regard, the leaders who have distinguished themselves under pressure; the bold, charismatic, impulsive, self-regarding, politically calculating, alphas in this fight to defeat the virus, especially the President and Ministry of Health led by the emergency committees chaired by Prime Minister right Hon. Dr Ruhakana Rugunda
  • Protect one another by sharing and emphasizing the facts that Coronavirus can be conquered if we adhere to the preventive measures and protective guidelines. 

Finally, the professor encouraged everyone to join in the fight against the pandemic.

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