What’s Your Reaction about Donald Trump’s Victory?


Donald trump’s victory has been the main topic world over. The giraffe times made a research at the KIU campus and picked some of the students and staff’s thoughts on this
Joan Babirye (KIU exam room): Am happy about trumps victory. I like the guy, he says what he feels. He’s not a hypocrite.
Witness Ariho (Bachelor of Mass communication): I expected it. It wasn’t a surprise to me because according to his manifesto and campaigns, he showed courage and faith in winning and I believe he will be a good leader.
Nimusiima Sandra (Bachelor of Mass communication): Saying that he’s going to deal with illegal immigrants, drug traffickers, and criminals don’t mean he is a racist. He trying to solve America’s problems
Misbahu Mohamad (Masters of Science in Information Systems): It’s good for him but I am wondering how developing countries will benefit from his administration since he has not shown a good start to his foreign policy. Let’s wait and see.
Okala Garba (Masters in Education): I am a Black Muslim and since he seems not to like blacks and muslims. Am worried for my fellow blacks and Muslims in America.
Sofia Nakabuye (Bachelor of Business Administration): The truth is that he’s arrogant and disrespectful to people’s religions, cultures, and race but I won’t judge him, I’ll leave that to God.

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