A Guide to Ishakas Best Kept Secrets: Four Places Yous Should Know


By Kasasa Ali

Admit it? If you’re not from the Western Campus in Ishaka, you’re probably not sure what goes on there in regards to social life. That’s why The KIU Giraffe Times put this article together, for you, the visitor… or you, the fresher! 

From chapati mines to grass-thatched goodness, keep up as I give you a guide on how to survive the streets of the KIU Western Campus. 

  1. Campus View Food Cottages.

Just outside campus lies this restaurant. As its name clearly states, it provides a clear lateral view of KIU-western campus. With its peculiar outlook of flamboyant grass-thatched huts, CVFC provides almost all sorts of foods to its customers on its menu. Foods like matooke, rice, posho, millet, and lots of other local foods are part of the delicacy served at an average price of UGX 3,500 for a meal. Pause! That’s an average price of UGX 3,500. Good luck finding first-class meals at such a rate in Kampala.

  1. The Kilombe “Mine”

No one is certain how the place adopted its name but just to be clear, this is no copper or gold mine, it is a “Chapati Mine” Don’t tell me about Wandegeya! This one is the best! Don’t argue with me.  Being one of the most visited places in Ishaka other than lecture room, with a capacity of more than 50 stalls, the chapatti chefs provide a variety of sumptuous finger-licking ‘Rolex’ types and the famous kikomando “slices and gravies.” This place deserves an award for its impeccable service to the student community. Uhm um! I can’t wait to get another one as I write. 

  1. The Crane Resort Hotel

Located in Ishaka town, 1.5km from the campus, Crane resort provides accommodation with a restaurant, a fitness centre, and a bar. With a shared lounge, the 3-star hotel has air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi. Continental and buffet breakfast options are available daily at the hotel. The resort also offers a serene garden for parties to satisfy its clients fully. In case there is need for a cosy place, Crane resort is the answer.

  1. Swing Inn Motel and Club

If and when your day has been very hectic and tiresome, and you want to relieve your stress after a long busy week full of lectures, this is the place to be. With its exquisite discotheque and turntable maestros also known as DJ’s, this club offers corporate treatment to the revellers. The club is located in Lagos.  That’s right, Lagos. No worries, you don’t have to catch a flight to West Africa. Lagos is just a four minutes drive from campus. To have a memorable night in Ishaka, check-in at the Swing Inn Motel and Club.

Read the next edition of the KIU Giraffe Times for more tips on how to make it on the streets of the KIU Western Campus. 

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